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Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard.
But if you look close enough you find h o p e

6.24 / 7.12 (deleted scene)

Sophia Bush reading out a letter from Austin Nichols for the fans at FWTP2 (x)

peyton sawyer + angel of death 

It’s just a dream right? But it’s m y d r e a m.

leyton   s6  

oth girls + text posts 


6 seasons of Leyton 

       ↳  Season 1

leyton   s1  

FWTP2: Hilarie and Sophia being cute together (x)

joylenz: #paris with @therealshantel @robertearlbuckley

therealshantel: Best night ever with besties @robertearlbuckley @joylenz #Paris #allthatglitters #magical #OTH #family

I was pretty far down the fucking rabbit hole…

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Selina Kyle - blue+yellow